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The Innovation Process
Stage 4


Invent a solution through the generation of new ideas

This section is under development and will be published during 2018/2019.

If a solution does not exist, or needs significant further creative development, then the next stage is to develop ideas of what a solution could look like. Wherever possible, developing these ideas should involve the intended users of the innovation. The group designing a solution should also be as diverse as possible to provide more creativity and insights. The solution/s you come up with ‘on paper’ need/s to be assessed against the Challenge Brief from the Recognition stage.

Once you have your idea on paper, you then need to develop your proof of concept. This is your attempt to create a ‘minimum viable version’ of your idea that could be piloted in the real world. The key is to define what the biggest questions and assumptions you have about your solution are and develop a mock-up of either the whole solution or the components of the solution that help you test those questions and assumptions. The idea is to create something that is as tangible as possible (even for processes and services), engage with a small group of users, and be able to establish the viability of your idea (this process will not provide evidence that your solution is successful, it will just provide indications that it is viable).