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The Innovation Process
Activity 3.3 B

Review organisational processes

This activity will help you map existing processes that will need to be changed and any new processes that will need to be put in place in order for the solution to work.

The introduction of any solution, whether it is a product or service, will require existing processes to be changed or new processes to be put in place in order for the solution to work. Mapping these processes and understanding what adaptation is required is critical.

When considering processes, the first stage is to carry out a high-level process mapping exercise for the set up and implementation of the proposed solution. Use the findings from this exercise to populate the ‘Organisation’ section in the Adaptation Requirements Table.

Process Mapping

According to the FIS, “process mapping helps represent work processes visually and identify problem areas and opportunities for process improvement. It provides a common understanding of the entire process and specific roles and contributions of process participants.”

Download the FIS Best Practice Guide for Process Mapping below, familiarise yourself with the contents and plan a group exercise to map out the high-level process you anticipate. On a separate piece of flipchart paper, log any dependency or interaction with an established process in your organisation/s, and note any missing processes that will need to be developed in support of the high-level process you are creating.