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The Innovation Process
Activity 3.3 A

Review relevant policies

This activity will help you review your solution against your organisation’s policies and statutory requirements, and humanitarian standards.

Policies can be defined as rules, guidelines and regulations that govern how an organisation works and delivers its objectives. Many of these policies are agreed in line with external standards or regulations. Some of these standards can be voluntary (eg, adherence to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Code of Conduct), while some are translations of legal requirements (eg, anti-bribery and fraud policies).

When considering policies, first identify which policy areas relate to the solution/s you are proposing to adopt before listing all the policies (internal and external) that might be affected by the adoption of the proposed solution. As a team, review each of these policies and identify any aspects of those policies that are affected by the proposed solution.

Many solutions, particularly when it comes to solutions that capture or manage information and data (both physical and digital), will need to be reviewed against organisational policies (both your own organisation and any partners), humanitarian principles and standards, and any legal requirements which apply to the adoption of the solution/s you have identified.

You can complete this task in the ‘Organisation’ section of the Adaptation Requirements Table. In the table you will outline what the policy is, what needs to be considered in that policy, and then you will rate it as green (no changes required), amber (adaptation required), or red (road block for adoption). You will then need to outline any actions that will need to be taken.