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The Innovation Process
Activity 6.3 D

Finalise your scale strategy

This activity will help you to bring together the key components of your scale strategy so that your team, organisation, investors and partners are bought into the process.

Once you have completed the previous activities, you will be ready to develop your scale strategy. This will help to ensure that your team, organisation, investors and partners understand how you are attempting to scale and are bought into the process.

In order to develop your strategy, you need to ensure that you have carried out the scaling bridge tasks where you have listed the key activities knowledge gaps in your Scaling Aspiration Map (eg, financial statements and modelling). This is not the same as the tasks you will need to carry out during your scaling journey; rather, just the tasks you need to carry out in order to develop your Scale Strategy.

Strategies can come in all shapes and sizes. The key components will have been covered in developing the Scale Aspiration Map, Scale Bridge, and Theory of Scale. Developing a Scale Strategy is about formally writing down all the rich information and plans that your team has developed through these exercises.

To help you to carry this out, we have developed a Scaling Strategy template . This is not exhaustive but covers the core fundamentals of a good scaling strategy. You can use this and modify it as it best fits best with your own scaling journey.