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The Innovation Process
Module 2.1

Search for Solutions

Looking for solutions that match your problem

To search for solutions is to look for solutions that are already being used to address the problem you have identified. They need to have been piloted and tested in real-world environments, showing positive impact in addressing a directly comparable problem.

The proximity of a potential solution is critical. A rule of thumb would show that the closer to the problem the solution has been developed or used, the more likely it is to be successful. Therefore, your starting point for a solution should be at the point where the problem is felt most acutely. In many cases this will be the communities where the problem is present. We suggest three approaches to employ in your search for solutions.


2.1 A Search within crisis-affected communities
This activity will guide you in the use of ethnographic methods to look for solutions from within the crisis-affected community.
2.1 B Search using informal networks
This activity will guide you in the use of informal methods to uncover information on potential solutions that isn't available through formal channels.
2.1 C Search using formal channels
This activity will guide you in the use of formal approaches for finding solutions within your organisation, in other humanitarian organisations, or in other sectors.