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The Innovation Process
Module 6.1

Scale Feasibility Assessment

Begin your journey to scale by clarifying your current position

Some solutions will be easier to scale than others, and some organisations are more capable of scaling solutions and growing their organisations, if necessary than others. The scalability of your solution should have been given consideration from the beginning of your innovation journey, but post-Pilot stage, it is a good idea to re-assess scale feasibility.

This module will help you identify the current status of your innovation and organisation in relation to particular factors relevant to the scaling process. It is impossible to capture all aspects of scaling in one assessment, and there are nuances for different types of innovations and different contexts. However, in the following activities we explore the issues and corresponding questions that are common across the vast majority of innovations.


6.1 A Assess the scalability of your solution
The checklist in this activity can be used to stimulate dialogue and analysis around the scalability of your solution and actions that might be taken to simplify the scaling up process.
6.1 B Assess key considerations for scale
The exercise in this activity is designed to give you an overview of your solution and the key considerations for scaling, providing a baseline assessment from which to start planning your journey to scale.