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The Innovation Process
Activity 3.1 B

Start mapping adaptation requirements

This activity will help you gather and analyse potential changes required to the solution, your organisation, and in the
local context.

Adaptation Requirements Table

The Adaptation Requirements Table is a place to map out and group together all potential adaptation requirements for the solution, organisation and local context. Use this as a master table to bring together your analysis across these levels, in order to provide a complete overview and allow for transparent decision making.

Under each of these three levels you should outline the specific area to be considered (eg, physical weight for the solution, child protection for the policy, or user expectations in the context), and then the issue that needs to be considered related to that area. You can then flag whether it is a ‘green’, ‘amber’ or ‘red’ issue:

  • Green: There are no issues in adopting this solution, and no adaptation required
  • Amber: There is a need for adaptation, but this adaptation seems reasonable and feasible
  • Red: There is a significant issue for your organisation or other actors involved that means you need to reconsider if the solution is appropriate

You are aiming for mainly green and amber areas. If you have one or more red flags,  there may be a fundamental problem that makes the solution undesirable or unfeasible.

Once you have gone through each area and completed the table we recommend that you gather key stakeholders and decision makers together to take a view on whether you want to move forward with the solution. If you do, this table can inform the an intial workplan for the adaptation and piloting of the solution.