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The Innovation Process
Activity 6.2 D

Develop scale targets

This activity encourages deeper reflection on what success looks like in particular areas once you have reached your scale goal, in order to develop a set of initial targets.

Scaling Aspiration Map

The Scaling Aspiration Map is intended to help your team to imagine what the future state of each of the areas in the Scaling Assessment Map would look like at the point when you have reached your Scale Goal. It is the same as the Scaling Assessment Map but with one additional box on the scale pathway.

The Scaling Aspiration Map will provide you with a set of initial targets for your Scale Strategy. As with all of the innovation stages, your journey to scale is uncertain and it is unlikely to go exactly to plan, so these targets are not intended to be fixed; rather, you are outlining your best guesses and aspirations of what you would like to achieve.

The key thing to realise is that as well as being an iterative journey, your scale destination will not be the same place as you are now just bigger. Your solution, how it is adopted, the business model, the operating ecosystem you are working in, and the financial mix will all look substantially different than they did at the end of your pilot.