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The Innovation Process
Activity 6.3 A

Bridge aspirations and reality

This activity will help you identify the gaps between where you are now and your aspirations for scale, and the components of a strategy needed to bridge those gaps.

Scale Bridge

Once you have your Scale Assessment Map and Scale Aspiration Map, you will need to identify the gaps between the two. This will show the distance you have to travel between where you are now, and where you want to be. You will also need to consider the components of a strategy that will be needed to bridge these gaps.

You can identify both the gaps and the scale components using the Scale Bridge worksheet. First, find a large wall and pin your completed Scale Assessment Map on the left-hand side and your Scale Aspiration Map on the right-hand side, ensuring there is room to fit the Scaling Bridge worksheet between them.

As a team, fill in the Gap Analysis part of the Scale Bridge worksheet using sticky notes, one section at a time. You can do this either by discussing them together and electing one person to write them on sticky notes and put them in the relevant section, or by writing them individually, clustering them, and then putting agreed notes on the wall.

Once you have your list of gaps, move across to the Scale Components section, and for each gap, identify what components will be needed to bridge the gap. Clearly label the gap and add the scale components (activities, investments, partnerships etc.) that will need to be developed or carried out. You may find it useful to complete the gap analysis and scale components for a single box at a time (solution, adoption, ecosystem, business model and finances). Do this for each section of the two maps as laid out in the Scale Bridge worksheet.

Once you have completed the exercise, take a step back, reflect on how complete it feels, and discuss with your team the level of difficulty in reaching you scale goal and the feasibility of your ambition to bridge all the necessary gaps. Finally identify and list any new assumptions that you have made in the assumptions box on the Scale Bridge worksheet.