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The Innovation Process
Activity 3.2 A

Assess solutions against design criteria

This activity will help you review your original design criteria and evaluate each of your shortlisted solutions against those specifications, capturing key insights from your discussions.

Design Criteria Checklist

To assess the need for adaptation of any solution you propose to use, you will need to compare its specifications against those you have developed in your design criteria. You need to assess how well the solution fits at a more granular level than before the decision to adopt it was taken. Does it require modification or adaptation? If it does, are you able to do this legally (See: IP Primer)? Do you have the capacity, or does someone else need to do that? How much would it cost?

Review the design criteria that you used as the basis of your Search stage activities and add these to the tool provided. Next, add your short-listed solutions and score each solution against each criteria on a 0-5 scale. Once you’ve completed the checklist, review the total scores, capture any key insights from your discussions, and talk through which solution you feel best fits with your design criteria.

Note: A high score does not mean that you should necessarily chose that particular solution as there are other factors to be considered that will be covered in the following activities.