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The Innovation Process
Activity 6.1 B

Assess key considerations for scale

The exercise in this activity is designed to give you an overview of your solution and the key considerations for scaling, providing a baseline assessment from which to start planning your journey to scale.

Scaling Assessment Map

The Scaling Assessment Map is designed to provide a mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive (MECE) overview of your solution and key considerations for scaling. It will provide your team with a baseline from which you can plan your scaling efforts, and is the first step in a process that is elaborated later in this stage.

This exercise is usually carried out in a workshop with your innovation team. Print out the Scaling Assessment Map on A0 size paper and work with your team to fill it in. You are aiming to capture a snap-shot of your innovation as it stands across five key areas of scale:

  1. Solution: The innovation you have been working on, whether it is a product, process or service.
  2. Adoption (market): Your users and buyers, how you reach them, and the barriers you and they need to navigate
  3. Business model: The business model you have hopefully started to develop in the Invention and Pilot stages
  4. Ecosystem: Your value/supply chain to help you deal with the full lifecycle of your solution (particularly physical products), and the long-term partnerships you need for sustainability
  5. Financials: The revenue model that will provide the full funding that you might require to scale, and ensure ongoing financial sustainability.

The accompanying guidance note provides some information and prompting questions to help you explore each of these areas.