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The Innovation Process
Module 5.3

Progress Review

Review your progress with your team and key stakeholders

At various points along your innovation journey you will need to decide whether to stop or continue, and if you’re going to continue, you may need to decide on different potential routes forward. This is particularly likely in Pilot stage, when the collision with real-world environments might expose bigger challenges or risks than you’d previously realised, and when the increasing costs involved might prove unsustainable.

Once you have completed your Pilot intervention you will want to bring your team together, along with key stakeholders, partners and others that have been engaged throughout the process, to have a full review of what worked, what didn’t and what has been learned along the way. This is a final chance to reflect, share information, provide feeback and discuss key concerns, before a decision is made on what route  forward the project should take.


5.3 A Carry out a progress review
This activity will help you reflect on your progress and capture learning, involving all those who have worked on the innovation as well as other key stakeholders.
5.3 B Determine whether to stop or continue
This primer will help you to understand different potential routes forward depending on the outcomes of your pilot and the After-Action Review.