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The Innovation Process
Stage 3


Adapt a solution from elsewhere to your context

This section is under development and will be published during 2018/2019.

If you are fortunate and find a potentially applicable solution, it will require some form of adaptation. How much adaptation is required depends on how closely the solution meets the design criteria you have developed in the Recognition stage.  It will also depend on how closely the solution is aligned to your organisation’s current business operating models and processes and context. Even if the solution is highly aligned, it will require some form of adaptation itself, or adaptation to your organisation. For fairly well-aligned solutions, the process is to analyse where the solution and your organisation need to adapt, and test these adaptations in your pilot.

However, in some circumstances there may be a combination of solutions that together could provide the type of solution you are looking for. Or, there may be a single solution, but it requires significant creativity to adapt and improve it for your context and your problem. In such cases, you may need to spend more time on creation. As shown in the diagram above, this could require going into the Invent stage, using some of the creative tools found in that stage to help develop your new hybrid and context-specific solution.