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The Innovation Process


Ethics for Humanitarian Innovation is a resource developed as a collaboration between Elrha and the Humanitarian Health Ethics (HHE) research group with support from Humanitarian Grand Challenge: Creating Hope in Conflict. The visual design is courtesy of Soapbox working with the members of the Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF). This evolving resource has been developed to help individuals and organisations navigate their humanitarian innovation journey in a fashion that is consistent with their values. We consider it to be an essential companion to the Humanitarian Innovation Guide.

What is it

Ethics for Humanitarian Innovation is an evolving resource to promote value-centric humanitarian innovation. The toolkit helps teams embody project and/or organisational values and embed ethical considerations into their innovations.

This resource will help innovators identify and address ethical issues and challenges, and help hold ethics front of mind during project design. This in turn helps to develop more robust ethical strategies and nurture a sense of ownership over the ethical approval process.

What isn’t it

Ethics for Humanitarian Innovation is not a substitute for a robust ethical strategy or ethical approval process—nor is it a risk management tool.

Resource components

Background and context

Case Studies