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The Innovation Process


The Humanitarian Innovation Guide is a growing online resource to help individuals and organisations find their starting point and navigate the humanitarian innovation journey.

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Enabling Factors

Do you want to know the proven fundamentals of successful humanitarian innovation? This section provides advice on some of the key enabling factors that will help you to deliver a successful innovation project. The more of these factors you have in place, the more likely you are to develop an innovation that has a positive impact for its users and crisis-affected communities.

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Humanitarian Parameters

Are you hoping to bring a new idea to the sector? Or are you partnering in a project but have little experience or knowledge of humanitarian aid? This section maps out key aspects of the humanitarian sector, providing pointers on how the humanitarian system works, how you can navigate it, and what you need to know to ensure a considered and responsible approach.

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About this Guide

Building on the HIF’s unique position in the sector, the Humanitarian Innovation Guide is designed to provide targeted support to individuals and organisations attempting to develop innovative solutions to the challenges facing humanitarian assistance, resulting in a more effective humanitarian response.

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