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The Innovation Process
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Activity A

Carry out a progress review

This activity will help you reflect on your progress and capture learning, involving all those who have worked on the innovation as well as other key stakeholders.

Activity 5.3 B

Assess operational requirements

This activity aims to ensure that your project delivery, research budgets and plans are feasible, based on the operations capacity you have available to you.

Activity 5.2 E

Report and share results

This primer is intended to help you interpret your findings in response to your research questions, learning objectives and expectations, and draw conclusions in the form of insights and recommendations.

Activity 5.1 A

Assess project feasibility

This activity will help assess your learning objectives and potential contextual and resource constraints that might impact results.

Activity 5.2 A

Determine learning objectives

This activity introduces categories of evidence that can be used to understand the depth of research required to meet learning objectives.

Activity 5.1 B

Review assumptions

This activity is design to facilitate a deeper analysis of your Theory of Change, with a focus on uncovering any assumptions that have been made during the Theory of Change process.

Activity 5.1 A

Develop a Theory of Change

This activity will help you to develop a systems-view of how you believe your solution will contribute to change.

Activity 5.1 D

Determine ethics and oversight requirements

This primer will help you to assess your organisational risk management and compliance mechanisms, and decide whether you need to put in place a Technical Advisory Group (TAG).

Activity 5.3 B

Determine whether to stop or continue

This primer will help you to understand different potential routes forward depending on the outcomes of your pilot and the After-Action Review.

Activity C

Utilise agile management methods

This activity will help you establish the basis for a successful pilot, develop a theory of change and ways to identify and test assumptions, and manage tasks in an agile way.